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Advantages of our mobile bunkhouse rental services

Why choose us ?

Turnkey solutions

NT Camps takes care of everything!

Permits and establishment of the site of the autonomous forestry camp, including:

  • Drinking water;
  • Purifier elements for waste water;
  • The transport of the modules;
  • Installation of modules;
  • Connection of water and electricity services;
  • Meal preparation;
  • The generators.

Depending on your needs, we can be responsible for:

  • Guarding the camp on weekends;
  • Concierge.

Finally, our turnkey service takes care of the entire operation: permit application, setting up the camp site and autonomous modules, services, staff, meals, waste water management, transport and moving or closing the camp.

Mobility / flexibility / rapidity


Our logging camp modules can be relocated to a previously prepared site in under 2 weeks.

Since our mobile logging camps are composed of autonomous modules, it is also possible to leave six dormitory modules in one place and transport two others to smaller areas of operation and adding a smaller kitchen.

The flexibility of our logging camp modules makes it easier to adapt to planning modifications, allowing you to be competitive when bidding on tenders.

Proximity to job site


There are significant advantages to setting up logging camps in remote areas.

Their proximity to job sites reduces the risks of road accidents and increases efficiency by minimizing commute.

Competitive rental costs


Our extensive expertise in setting up autonomous forest camps allows:

  • Implementation of autonomous infrastructures, such as for wastewater and drinking water;
  • Good management of other direct installation costs: upgrading of modules, electrical and plumbing connections, etc.;
  • Fast relocation of forest camps;
  • A quality design of our camps, our heating systems and our generators.

These advantages mean that the costs of setting up, relocating and operating our forest camps in remote regions are very competitive.

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