Cross Laminated TimberCLT Camps

The benefits

CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) logging camps

Our vast expertise on CLT camps allows us to offer sleeping modules with competitive advantages.

Energy efficiency

CLT modules offer high performance against air infiltration.

Paired with our energy-efficient heating system, this allows our autonomous camps to reduce energy consumption when heating and using electricity (generating less greenhouse gases than traditional mobile camps).

Greater comfort

Moderate temperatures: warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Because CLT is made of solid wood, it stores heat and distributes it evenly throughout the building. Also, the addition of an air exchanger significantly increases quality of life inside our dormitories.

Robustness and durability

CLT Modules

Because our logging camps are made of CLT, they do not deteriorate during temporary winter closures.

Indeed, traditional autonomous logging camps tend to deteriorate during fall, winter and spring closures. During these periods, condensation accumulates on and inside walls, shortening the life of modules and increasing the risk of mold (less risks for the health of workers).

Moreover, CLT camps are sturdier and can stand up to numerous relocations.

Made of solid wood walls and rigid insulation, these buildings remain in exceptional condition year after year, regardless of the number and frequency of relocations.

No finishing joints, no joints on the floors, no mineral wool sagging inside walls, no door squaring, etc.

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CLT Forest Camp

Pictures of Cross-Laminated Timber

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